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Has anybody heard about Cryptowall? Well there is a problem with my photos, it's interesting that thing was able to encrypt all the files. If you know about some way how to save at least something, let me know :) Although I'm sure they are already irrefutably gone.
Has been a long time since my visitors could see something new on this site. Not really old laptop is accidentally totally 'kaputt'...and till now I wasn't sure if I can see my photos again. However, there is somebody who literally saved me.
"Without history there would be no future." I don't want to imagine how difficult would be a life without comparing past and presence.
Thank You for everything, every person who keeps following my 'art'. And maybe soon ..something will change. Who knows (:
Dreams Come True by TigresSinai

And it makes me very happy :'D
Finally..such an amazing feeling to have something what you've wanted for years. At least I had a chance to learn many things with older cameras, and also now when I don't need them, I just can't consider to get rid of those "toys" (: If you work with something so long, it surely would find a place in your heart..
Never forget what made "a company" to you before you replaced it!

I actually storage about four cameras + two analogs + phone? :'D Implies > We must try everything!
I firmly hope this will force me to do something useful...

I've learned German language kinda long time but somehow cannot speak a normal sentence...well I think I have a problem because my first foreign language was English, you see = perfect mess :D
What now? This year I want to refine German and maybe then (next year or so) start to learn Italian, to have language which is in family 3xD
I almost forgot, I want Cyrillic too! You can't imagine that we are similar with Russia, Serbia and so on, but not with alphabet what makes me angry o_O Regarding to speaking form, it can be easier, Slavic countries wouldn't have such problem with languages of "brothers"...

I think this is enough, pretty doubt I'm able to learn everything I want...just need to defeat laziness!
Dear friends, all people who like my work, I can say it makes me only happy to read comments, mainly thoughts, feelings, opinions. I still wanted to be somebody who will look at art of others without vision of feedback. Sometimes it was kinda exaggerated, I admit :D Well you have to know some people don't deserve what they've got. Hundreds of faves, comments...why to answer, why to care about it? Here is so many people who have bigger effort and what have they got? Be honest, in comparism to "professionals" almost nothing...only what can I do is find your work as interesting and give you know about my interest. Never give up, remember?

So, full of enthusiasm I want to share that number of favourites I gave to people I see as artists is truly 30 000. Come on, to see what more you can do to be better than selfish genius who never looked farther than for bounds its own business to help "begginers".

And which photo was the last?…

Normally is it "Zlomte vz" -_-

Week probably without connection to internet, really happy to know the way, with me will go also Fuji and half repaired Canon haha :D I need some landscapes shots in better quality, scheie!
I think what I want to happen, will happen in August. Till then...maybe you'll see another photos, if I won't be so lazy.

Dear artists, photographers, whatever are you, enjoy sunny days and have much light in photos, very important, you know..^^

Just came back from cottage with another 300 photos...I think someone has to take my camera and throw it to lake or what...

I'm really glad for you, people, who "are with me" about new camera...I think it'll be wish for next years :D Nevermind, I can still use my Fuji, shitty camera which is being destroyed slowly straight in my hands...oh such lucky I am. Also "someone" enjoys complaining.
Thanks for everything, nice comments (sometimes it wants a critique, I don't mind about it ;D) favs or watch...makes me so happy that many people are interested in my gallery. After weekend "outside" without wifi it was pretty big surprise to see dA xD
Except me, as usually :D

Who knows what are the worst things?
1. Being without PC
2. Being without normal camera
3. Have 3 another cameras at home, fortunately dysfunctional

Warning: Dear friends, don't be stupid like me, and be careful with 70GB of photos per month :( It's horrible, my friend told it's an addiction? I'm not sure if it's for cry or laugh :D
Well, if I will get a camera (will be it in this year? o.O) I also will have more chances to better photos. In fact I can't shot a movement with my genial, slower than snail, camera...but I tried to do on cyclist contest in our city, honestly, never more with this camera :D Good for nature, landscapes (rarely, maybe after minimalization) or architecture...and truly looong time I have had interest in animals...

Don't worry, I hope everything can be better soon, coz I'm starting to be a little nervous :D
Then I'll come back...muhaha. ^^

Btw, who wants to talk with me, please send a note or write here -
If you think your art (I like everything, not only photos ;D) deserves watch, some favs and comments, please let me know here, or in my photos if you are interested.
I really trust  in people with worse cameras, I know that I don't find a best quality in photos. I try to find thought. Something original. Something, what can attract my attention.
For this you don't need to have pro technics. Just "good eye", few ideas, creative nature...
I'm very sad person just now. My old good friend Canon is out of this game a longer time, I used an another friend Samsung.
Both are broken, I'm happy! Yeah, I don't have idea why had to Samsung leave too. It is a problem, it was something like "alternative" for Fuji. And now? Remains only 50-50 functional Fuji. It's on suicide. Well this level of my camera isn't such good, really interested where's something called optics haha...
So what now? Next plan > buy a DSLR. I don't have another choice. Uhm only in that case I want something better than now ^^
It's almost decided about brand. Some people know it, but I have worries about typical "war of brands" haha ;D
I have few photos from friend's camera, maybe somebody noticed better quality than usually. So here's reason :D But I still have my black box with "lens" - like empty toilet roll, differences aren't too big.

I love to be sarcastic to myself. It gives hope survive without harm on health. Also without destroying another camera. BUT! It wasn't my fault.
Pure innocence!
I wanted add to title "photographer" but it's not possible, hm :(

Well, be ill in these times is not very nice. Everyday writing tests. Don't be surprised, who wouldn't be ill from this? Haha ;D With headache you can do one thing - sit on pc and post photos on dA.
28.6 = holy date. Also new camera..maybe :D But still I haven't posted all photos which I want. Great. Photos from France (we were there month ago, uhmm), new photos from cottage...a little crazier.
What I'll do?! -_-

Btw, who can tell me if is my english very bad or only a little? I think..sometimes I can't understand even myself.
However, try to learn english my friends. Logics, please come into brains of some people, thank you! :3